Full implementation and source code can be found here: Google Code Repository

Funf Journal

Available in Android Market

Data Analysis

After allowing the Funf Journal to collect data you may want to see/visualize it. Below, you will find a set of tools to unpack and give you a sense of the data that is being collected.

  • Mac OSX: Version 0.1.
  • Windows: Version 0.2.
  • Source: Version 0.2.
  • The following sensors are visualized by both of the above packages:
    • Location: Static and animated traces
    • Activity/Accelerometer: Sleeping and waking patterns
    • Battery: Phone usage through time
    • Screen ON/OFF: General phone usage patterns
    • Temperature: Internal


Note about funf app permissions:

The funf APK does not send any data to us. All permissions are needed for the correct operation of the data collection and export to you:

  • Recording your data: To prevent filling the internal memory of the device, Funf writes data to SD Card and needs WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission.
  • Sensor Reliability: To ensure sensors continue to run, funf relies on the android boot notification, which requires the RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED permission. This allows sensors to continue to run if you reboot your device. To prevent the system from sleeping while a scan is occurring, funf uses the WAKE_LOCK permission to prevent the device from sleeping mid scan.
  • The remaining permissions are required to run individual sensors and ensure they are reliable and robust. For example:
    • Battery: BATTERY_STATS
    • Installed and Running Apps: GET_TASKS
    • For complete details on permissions required per probe, see the built-in probe descriptions.